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My Fox Immortal Wife(我的狐仙老婆) - by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊)


My Fox Immortal Wife is a popular novel by novelist Ram de Night. It is the 2nd most popular novel under Modern Xianxia genre on The most popular novel is also written by novelist Ram De Night. Novelist Ram de Night is a popular novelist who had written 7 novels on His current novel, My Chairwoman Wife, is a popular novel that is currently ranked number 22 in the monthly ranking (July 2015) of all novels My Fox Immortal Wife is completed with 1318 chapters, 95 million views and 4 million characters on


Humanoid beast? Ahem....  Humanoid beast.... 
Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal cultivator. 
The fox  said: 
"The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream! 
Come, become an immortal and even a loser could counterattack!
Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome!
Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!" 
"Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!" 
 TL:  Tall, Rich, Handsome = GaoFuShuai=slang for Mr.Perfect, they're characteristics a woman seek for in a man in China
Disclaimer: So people have been going around saying the book sucks with the bad ending. I would like to point out that these people obviously have not read the whole book or even bothered to read the author's notes. The book ended with a dual ending. The author released his own personal ending (sad end) and then an ending that most readers wanted (happy end) the same day, creating a dual ending story. So yeah, there's both a sad end (author's personal ending) and a happy end (to please the readers). 

Chapter 1 - Help Me
Chapter 2 - Too Small
Chapter 3 - Onee-chan wa kitsune desu
Chapter 4 - Become an Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 5 - New Abilities
Chapter 6 - School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 7 - Running After The Bus
Chapter 8 - A Monster
Chapter 9 - I'm Afraid of Heights
Chapter 10 - My Name's Lei Feng
Chapter 11 - You Said What?
Chapter 12 - I'll See You After School
Chapter 13 - Miraculous Eyesight
Chapter 14 - You're a Super Nice Guy
Chapter 15 - Be My Wife
Chapter 16 - The First Star Jade
Chapter 17 - You're So Proactive
Chapter 18 - Wanna Woo Her?
Chapter 19 - The Question Is Who You Like
Chapter 20 - Happiness Came Too Suddenly
Chapter 21 - Fight Me If You Got Balls
Chapter 22 - Hard To Fathom A Person’s Mind
Chapter 23 - No Compassion
Chapter 24 - Favorable Impression
Chapter 25 - I Want Your Sword
Chapter 26 - Kneel Down And Call Me Grandpa
Chapter 27 - Uncle Wang Is Nearsighted
Chapter 28 - Quickly, Use Your Right Hand!
Chapter 29 - Annoying Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 30 - The Road Of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 31 - Punishment
Chapter 32 - Favorable Impression Level Increased
Chapter 33 - Even A Female Immortal Got Caught
Chapter 34 - The Long Awaited Technique
Chapter 35 - Attack When One Should
Chapter 36 - Practice Is So Hard
Chapter 37 - Gotta Watch The Road When Running
Chapter 38 - Wanna surpass me? Go practice some more!
Chapter 39 - You Are My Witness
Chapter 40 - Must Be Peaceful and Affectionate
Chapter 41 - In the End, is it Right or Wrong?
Chapter 42 - What A Huge Idiot
Chapter 43 - Is Dignity Something That You Can Eat?
Chapter 44 - Stupidity Is Contagious

Chapter 45+



  1. i can understand the Mai Waifu, but the 'teh' is it on purpose?
    from the synosis, the guy have animal girls fetishes?

    1. the whole title is on purpose as a joke.

      The actual title is underneath.

      My Fox Spirit Wife(我的狐仙老婆) - by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊)

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  4. Does anyone translate the author's other work?

    1. Not that I know of... his latest work is a romance novel, his earlier work is a Xianxia with harem... this is another xianxia with harem... the popular xianxia novels these days are all OP MC... so yeah... doubt that

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    Just paid attention - aforementioned 4 million characters must be 4 million of chinese characters, which doubles-triples its size in translation to any other alphabetical language.

  6. Thanks for the TL, this novel is quite fun!

  7. ....I just can't deal with how stupid the characters are...especially the MC. I guess I will pick it up later when there's a lot of chapter.

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  9. This story ends with MC making a first step to fix a bad end of the story. It was a bit anticlimatic, but maybe i just misunderstood MT'ed gibberish.

    Anyway, it doesnt change the fact that this novel is comedy gold at times, so might as well enjoy the ride!

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  17. The protagonist is like the typical Japanese? (Undecided) (a Yuuki Rito)

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